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Tang Song Villa, An Inspirational Sanctuary!

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The true value of art is to give life a way to make emotions visible!


Home is a projection of the self, a mirror of the soul and a realm for exploring the inner world. For collectors, home is also a direction for artistic exploration and experimentation, reflecting both the magnificence as well as the subtlety of an individual’s aesthetics.

Art, which embraces everything, is the most captivating form of enjoyment. This private residence visualizes the inspiration in art. The surroundings manifest according to one’s mind, opening up endless possibilities for exploration. It gives wings to the soul and invites the body to explore the infinite realms of mystery.



|Vestibule|Media Room|Gallery|Living Room|

Pure joy of heart


The art collection shows how a person engages in a conversation with everything.

Within the Tang Song Villa community nestled among the maple trees, this standalone villa houses a collection of more than 100 artworks collected by its owner. Spanning across time and space, these artworks create a connection between past stories and contemporary lifestyles, allowing art and life, tradition and modernity, listening and expression to coexist.


Designer Cheng Xiaodong defies convention by incorporating playful details and consistent flowing lines into the space design. Enjoying the changing sceneries while moving within the house is his “invisible design” which also reveals the meticulous interplay of light and shadow, as well as the flowing breeze. Through the design, he tells stories of structure, perception and spirituality.


The most inviting pathway leading home often flows as effortlessly as drifting clouds. It attends to the well-being of the mind and body, guiding the transition from the bustling world outside to the serene sanctuary of home. Through the conversion of energy from external to internal, one can truly relax and let go of worries, entering a state of personal retreat unconsciously.


「A Poetic Collection at the Underground Art Gallery」

The LG1 floor is a dazzling and eye-catching art space.

In the airy and open space, the designer uses intermittent partitions to run through the central axis, creating both functional divisions and a meandering moving line with the halo of light pouring down from the skylight.


Here, the owner of the private residence displays his treasured art collection accumulated over many years: the oil paintings pulsate with the heartbeat of the era; the sculptures breathe with the soul of humor. Every stroke of color on the canvas is a vibrant and radiant expression.

These classic artworks are the product of inspiration and passion, conveying the unspoken understanding and connection between the creators and collectors.

CAMERICH AMOR sofa shines like a work of art in the play of light and shadow. With the earthy tones and smooth corners, the lightweight design maximizes the experience of sitting, appreciating art works, and enjoying the space to the fullest.

In front of the art display cabinet is an ELAN sofa that offers a pleasant and cozy feel like being nestled by the mountains and waters; the low, wide armrest on the side provides a perfect place to display beautiful objects, allowing for a relaxed and comfortable rest while enjoying some tea or wine.

A tour of the art gallery begins by appreciating the large-scale paintings along the wall, then proceeds through the long corridor of light with archways, and concludes by taking a seat in front of a long table of blue and white.

Art is the mirror of life. Combined with knowledge, cultivation, a sensitive soul, and sharp insights. It can illuminate the depths of human emotions. And everything in this private residence is meant to be continuously explored, such as the intricately carved concave ceiling by the designer. The irregular flowing lines connect the entire living space, symbolizing the continuity of energy.


On the B2 floor, there is a multimedia entertainment room enclosed by black noise-reducing walls. A circular skylight brings in natural light, allowing the underground space to remain airy and vibrant.


Family and friends can gather in this black-and-white space, watching movies, singing, or embarking on a virtual world adventure together.

The poetry of life is meant to safeguard the purity and sensitivity of the heart. Just like the pauses between musical notes, painters’ free brush strokes, and the fluid emotions conveyed through sculptures, they all serve as the finest annotations. The beauty of this private residence lies in its primary focus on functionality and comfort in daily life, and then showcasing the inspiration of art.




|Meditation Room | Study | Living and Dining Room | Wine Cellar|

The Invisible Design


Simplicity is the greatest adornment of art.

- Albrecht Dürer, printmaker

The minimalist space serves as both the leading and the supporting role, highlighting intricate details while expressing the multiple attributes of home, which seems to be filled with countless possibilities!


「Integrated Into One」

The first floor adopts an open-plan design and features an entire wall of floor-to-ceiling bookshelves and a long wooden table. As the owner reads or works by the desk, the views of the courtyards on both sides accompany him through the large French windows, blurring the boundaries between indoors and outdoors. This space can also serve as a tea area where he can drink a few cups of refreshing tea to help find inner peace slowly.


The designer thoughtfully includes side windows in each French window, allowing some gentle breeze to flow in through a slight opening and creating a comforting and calming atmosphere within the living space.

As the aesthete Jiang Xun once said, “The world beyond the doors and windows is also part of our living space!” From the study with a double-sided panoramic view, to the living and dining room on the other side, and a hidden meditation room near the entrance, each functional area offers a view of the courtyard outside its windows. The interplay of openness and restraint, freedom and ease is vaguely and subtly revealed through the maple trees and landscape stones outside, creating a serene realm.


One element that stands out is CAMERICH UNITY round dining table. On top of its sculptural cone-shaped base is a thin marble tabletop, which resembles ripples on a lake, creating a visual dialogue between lightness and heaviness, squareness and circularity, and adding a relaxing atmosphere for family gatherings.


The table serves as a dynamic center, bringing together family and friends for meals, conversations, casual drinks, afternoon tea, and snacks. It is the center for different activities, creating unique and personal moments in everyday life. The wine cellar is a modern and artistic space with a sense of mystery. Illuminated by light panels and skylights, it gives the impression of being in a private museum.




|Private Spaces | Bedroom | Bathroom |

The most precious thing is taste.


Color is my daylong obsession, joy and torment.

- Claude Monet, painter

This art-inspired house is adorned with a major tone of soothing pine green, exuding a sense of refinement and tranquility within the space. This ambiance is particularly evident in the bedrooms on the second and third floors. 

Against the wall background predominantly covered in pine green, the CRESCENT bed of CAMERICH features a tall headboard that is comfortable to lean against, while the elevated tapered legs add straight lines that perfectly match the suspended same-colored drawers on both sides. In addition, the carpet with wave line patterns subtly highlights the elegant and serene style.

The adjacent shower cubicle and dressing room follow a minimalist approach. The designer seperates wet and dry areas after precise calculations of the water spray arcs. The green EMBRACE chair is placed in the space, providing a gentle embrace for a tired body and mind. All these details effortlessly achieve a balance between functionality and comfort.

The connected walk-in closet is not separated by walls; instead, it utilizes a combination of closets to create a circular flow that allows access, retrieving and storing items from any direction. The bathtub is placed deep in the room by the window, showcasing a refined and balanced design that reflects thoughtful consideration and care.

The beauty of the space lies in its spiritual vitality and inclusiveness. The galleries of paintings, the stone pedestals of sculptures, the order of arches, the steps of architecture, the forms of skylights...all contribute to the “symphony” of this private residence.


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